"I can see warrior's secret!"

"Hey, wanna try a frozen banana?"

Our lovely dog.

Peace Break:Hero

As the hero of the cat planet, it’s time for you to save the world!

Developed by Annie&Mark
Produced by Teagames.com

It got Daily Feature on NG
Here is the link on NG.

Here is the link on Teagames page.

A trailer for Peace Break: Hero

Short Legs Want Rabbit

short legs want rabbit logo 6-29
Cut, hide, stack, help short leg brothers catch fat rabbits! Beat the game, design your patten, win highscores in EVERY USERLEVEL, share your imagination with your friends!

Here is the link on HairyGames page.

– Map editor.
– Online level sharing with rating system.
– Highscore for each user level to attract user back.
– 20 levels
– 2 rabbit mode

SiwerTran Fight

This is our first space fighter game.
There are 10 levels and you can transform the space ship.
In level 2, the boss has a heavy armor, so you need to catch a chance to give him a big hit.
In level 4, fully use of friends’ help will let you pass that level fast and safely.
In level 8, the black hole is a big challenge for you to control your plane and shoot the enemies. Also there is a chance to get a key to special shop.
What’s more the boss you killed may not be the true boss. :p
Lots of things wait you to have a try!

Here is the link on NG page.